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SAPHIR Reno Cleaner


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This formulation deeply cleans smooth leathers and frees the pores from residual waxes, silicones and resins. A strong and reliable cleaner that prepares the leather for the absorption of the nourishing ingredients of our creams and lotions. An important step to make sure the leather is well hydrated and conditioned.

Strong cleaner to remove even the most persistent stains and prepare the leather for other products.

Reno Cleaner can be used on smooth leathers, oiled leathers, greased leathers, oiled nubuck and waxed nubuck. It can also be used to clean the edges of rubber soles and sneaker soles.


  • Test before the application on a less visible part of the shoe or item you want to clean.
  • Certain finishes on leather can be removed if exposed to excessive cleaning with this Leather Cleaner.


  • Size: 100 ml

Apply Reno Cleaner on a clean and dry cloth. Rub the leather in circular motions while changing the used area of the cloth to not spread any dirt. Allow the shoe to dry afterwards for at least 15 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

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