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TANGENT TAN14 George Wide Beige


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The most famous chino pants in EURO MILITARY, Based on the French Army’s “M52” field pants. By widening the waist belt and using pleats and interfacing commonly found in tailored pants, it achieves a snug fit around the waist. The wide silhouette, tapered slightly from the knees to the hem, brings the pants closer to the original silhouette and enhances the dressy feel for adult “chino pants.” This garment is finished with deep front pleats for a dressier look.

The fabric is made of 30/2 X 8/- uneven yarn. By using a combination of uneven yarns for the warp, it gives a glossy texture while retaining a vintage feel. The weft, using a thick 8/- yarn, gives the fabric a thick and soft texture as a characteristic feature.


  • Cotton 100%, 50's Gurkha Twill
  • Made in Japan


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