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TANGENT TAN05 Yvan Military Green


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Based on the old-type Belgian military field pants from the 1960s. In 1940, Belgium, which had adopted a policy of neutrality, was invaded by Germany, leading to many soldiers and civilians fleeing to England and forming the “Free Belgian Force.” Having participated in World War II as part of the British Army and Allied forces, Belgian military wear often incorporates designs based on British military items. Features include asymmetrical pockets and a high waist, similar to those seen in British military items like Gurkha pants. The fit follows the original with a wide-fit silhouette. Combining with sturdy cotton fabric, it creates a powerful garment. The fabric is woven densely with 40/3 yarn in both warp and weft directions, characterized by its firm thickness and texture.


  • Cotton 100%
  • Made in Japan


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