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SAPHIR Renomat


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Saphir RenoMat deeply cleans the smooth leather, from dirt and resin or silicone based deposits. Essential before the usage of shoe cream or shoe polish, it opens the pores of the leather to allow natural nourishing agents from Saphir products to penetrate the deep layers of the dermis of the leather. This deep hydration prevents leather from breaking.


Especially recommended for the maintenance of smooth leather because it is always best to clean them rather than systematically trying to hide the dirt by recolouring.


RenoMat is also recommended for sneakers (rubber sole).

Test the Renomat on a hidden spot first, just to make sure your shoes like it.



  1. Put Renomat on a cloth: Dab the cloth on the opening of the bottle to absorb a small amount of the product.
  2. Rub the shoes gently: Rub the cloth over the leather in small circular motions. Do it twice on each spot, that's enough.
  3. Wipe them dry: Just a quick pat-down, then let them rest for 5 minutes.


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