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B&TAILOR Westerner Shirt Denim

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Western Shirt designed by Chad Park,B&Tailor. Drawing upon his personal style and expertise in tailoring, Chad has created a unique blend of western aesthetics and impeccable craftsmanship.

With Chad’s keen eye for detail, the Western Shirt from B&Tailor showcases the perfect fusion of true western elements and the renowned quality of handmade tailoring. Every aspect, from the pattern to the fit, has been carefully crafted by Chad himself, reflecting his passion for both B&tailor’s style and the western fashion tradition.

The Westerner shirt from B&Tailor redefines the way we wear Western-style shirts. It features a tailored cut that is meticulously crafted by B&Tailor’s in-house workshop, bringing a fresh and refined approach to the Westerner shirt.

If you admire B&Tailor’s distinctive approach and have an affinity for Western-inspired designs, the B&Tailor Western Shirt is a must-have addition to your wardrobe.


  • Fabric: 100% cotton


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